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Core Features

Generate leads (Skip traced leads): Lead list will be fully Skip traced to save you time so that you can get directly into calls. Our skip tracing is thorough and includes the claimant's and relatives' phone numbers, emails, and social media links. Manage your leads with our built in CRM, excess is packed with all you need to succeed.

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Stay organized with all your client’s information. You will be able to input notes on calls and upload documents related to that individual's file.

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County and state information

County and state files that give you links directly to property appraisers site, Claim filing instructions, and the clerk of courts site.

Access, Excess

Billed Monthly (Only Subscription)
$ 97 /m
Basic plan - CRM access only
What’s included
  • CRM access
  • Updated Auction Calendar
  • Ability to purchase attorney list
  • Forms necessary to file a claim
  • Weekly Live Q&A
  • Access to any databases, lists, or resources
$ 150 /m
Florida tax deed and mortgage foreclosure reports - CRM included
What’s included
  • All included in CRM Plan
  • Daily tax/mortgage overages list
  • Property information
  • Excess amounts
  • Fully skip traced leads (client/relative)
  • Access to Florida only
  • Nation-wide access
$ 300 /m
Nation Tax deed and mortgage foreclosure list - CRM included
What’s included
  • Nationwide database
  • Daily tax/mortgage overages list
  • Property information
  • Overage amount
  • Fully skip traced leads (client/relative)
  • Access to FL, GA, CA, CT, OH,
    MD, TX, IN, VA, SC, MD, WA, DW,
    UT, TN, ID, AR, NV, PA

    Excess Elite's CRM bills for the use of phone, text, and email services within the CRM.

    Usage pricing: Our subscription pricing model features access to the platform which includes a lead and database site and CRM access, Our subscription pricing does not include your profile's usage rate. Usage rate will be billed separately and this is based on your calls, sms, and emails used in the CRM.

    • Making Calls: $0.0147 per minute
    • Receiving Calls: $0.0089 per minute
    • Text Messages: $0.0083 per segment
    • Email: $0.0007 per email

FAQ - We compiled some common questions you may have about excess.

  • What skip tracing servers are used to provide the phone numbers and how accurate are they?

    Skip tracing is ran through many servers to give you as many phone numbers as possible. We run searches through beenverified, true people search, intellus and idicore. As you know these are reports so we cannot guarantee the exact phone number but our extensive research will provide you with the most accurate numbers that are available.

  • Does Excess do research for relatives as well? Are emails and social media links provided also?

    Yes, each lead will have relatives phone numbers as well. We want you to have all the research possible so that you can get in contact with the claimant. We do provide emails and social media links that are found.

  • How often are the list sent out?

    Leads will be given out daily! There’s multiple auctions held Daily in the nation and it’s our job to supply you with this information as fast as possible.

  • Does Excess provide mortgage foreclosure leads as well or only tax deed?

    Mortgage foreclosure leads are provided for both packages the Florida and the nation subscription.

  • Are these leads being called before you send them out?

    No, here at Excess Elite our job is to strictly provide all of the research to help you in your asset recovery business. All of our time is spent doing thorough searching. We cannot promise that these claimants have not already been contacted though.

  • What if I’m new to the asset recovery business and do not know how to help a claimant file a claim?

    Each paid subscription will provide access to information on how to successfully file a claim for each county you are working in.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    No, there is no guarantee but we will ensure that your business will be ran more efficiently and smoother.

  • What the difference between Excess Elite and other surplus list providers?

    Excess Elite does more than just provide leads, we actually provide all of the skip tracing for you so that now all you have to do is call and get deals done. We also help you keep everything organized and managed on one website through our CRM.

  • Can multiple people log in to my one account?

    Yes, asking as they are under your company. Excess Elite is great for asset recovery companies that have scaled because users are able to track everything regarding leads, clients, documents and statuses of claims.

  • How old are the Unclaimed State funds leads?

    The state funds leads are updated annually.